Horses sensitive and too accommodating

The creation of a thoroughbred horse
The creation of a thoroughbred horse (English) breed of horses began under King Charles II and is associated with large changes in the entire horse breeding. He was a passionate…

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Save the horse from overwork!
Save the horse from overwork! You worked hard to get your horse in good shape by the start of the season and take part in several tournaments. At first, everything…

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Going to a race with a horse, do not forget about safety!
In this article, I want to share tips that will allow you to enjoy a safe swim with your horse. 1. Learn about the features of the reservoir in which…

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Character types: horses sensitive and too accommodating

Equal horses do not exist, and it is not only a matter of “external” characteristics (exterior, breed, gender). Of great importance is the fact that “inside”. In this article, I would like to talk about two types of equine characters and how to combine knowledge of them with a choice of training methods. My review is by no means comprehensive, but quite clearly reflects the main points.

Too obedient horse

Horses of this type are characterized by a great desire to work and a high degree of ambition, which is sometimes falsely interpreted as nervousness. They want and love to learn and cater to the rider, often anticipate his actions (they respond before the rider completes the signal or message, making mistakes as a result). Horses of this type can be very difficult to make relax, often due to the inappropriate reaction of the riders to their expectations. Continue reading

Former “galloping”: what to look for when buying?

Former racehorse: huge heart, hard work, athleticism, amazing sensitivity … and, possibly, many physical problems. Are you able to identify the problems so often encountered by these excellent athletes? A sports career can seriously affect the body, which can be confirmed by every serious athlete. Injuries and injuries will appear throughout a sports career, regardless of its success. They are the inevitable consequences of the body on the verge of its speed, power capabilities and general endurance. At times, the body simply can not withstand the pressure … Continue reading

We teach a horse to load a horse

Loading a horse into a horse carrier should not be reduced to a struggle, during which the horse reaches a state of panic, and you press on it until it stops responding to pressure at all.

Before you think about accustoming a horse to the procedure of loading into a horse carrier, you will need to show her that walking next to you is safe, easy and enjoyable. The task of the horse is to keep his head next to you. Continue reading

Learning to understand horses

According to psychologists, the bulk of communication problems arise due to misunderstanding. Communication with horses is no exception. Only, if in the case of people it usually leads to a spoiled mood and relationship, then in conflicts with the horse everything can end for a person much more sadly – with serious injuries.

Statistics from Australian hippologist Andrew McLean suggest that horsemen who lack knowledge of horse behavior are more likely to be injured when dealing with them. Continue reading

Three things a horse would like to tell you about

Three things a horse would like to tell you about
If you love horses and want to work and communicate with them, it is important to learn to understand them – not just know how to get them to do something, find out how they think and how they learn.

There are three fundamental things that our horses would like to tell us.

1. A horse is a victim animal. You are a predator

This information, of course, is not new. Continue reading

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