Horse Riding Rules
Due to the fact that the arena is a rectangle, they ride in it as if in a vicious circle. This leads to the fact that when moving in the…

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How to deal with a hot horse?
How to deal with a hot horse? A hot horse looks like an onion. She has so many layers that need to be explored before we can get to the…

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Thoroughbred horse breed description
It is known that England is the birthplace of a thoroughbred horse breed of horses. It was bred in the XVII-XVIII centuries. based on local and imported horse breeds. At…

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Three things a horse would like to tell you about

Three things a horse would like to tell you about
If you love horses and want to work and communicate with them, it is important to learn to understand them – not just know how to get them to do something, find out how they think and how they learn.

There are three fundamental things that our horses would like to tell us.

1. A horse is a victim animal. You are a predator

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Education issues: how to instill good manners in equine … croup?

Horses with bad manners pose a threat to all those who are close to them, and even to themselves. But how to fix the situation?

The advantage of a powerful rear for a horse is that one lightning strike with a hoof can end an argument with a mountain lion. Instantly. Unfortunately for us people, the result of such a blow, whether intentionally or not, can be disastrous.

An untrained horse interprets the actions of people (including forges) as a potential threat. Continue reading

Horse problems: swimming

Bathing – a useful and enjoyable procedure – can give you a lot of unpleasant moments if the horse decided to resist for some reason.

Can you bathe a horse on the grass on a loose jacket? Do you need interchanges or even an enclosed space? Does the horse scare the hose?

You can introduce a horse to swimming on a large lawn by holding it on a chombra. This is done by desensitization (the principle is the same as when accustomed to a whip or rope). Continue reading

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Former "galloping": what to look for when buying?
Former racehorse: huge heart, hard work, athleticism, amazing sensitivity ... and, possibly, many physical problems. Are you able to identify the problems so often encountered by these excellent athletes? A…


Moving to trust through horse games
Do you want your horse to become reliable and safe? So that she would agree to walk along bridges and narrow paths with you, cross streams and ditches, enter a…


We remove the enslavement of muscles in the girth area (sports massage)
Muscle tightening in the girth area can cause a horse discomfort and, therefore, affect the quality of the horse. I want to tell you how to identify the corresponding problem…


We analyze: work on the cord (lynx) and the improvement of the top line of the horse
Cord work is a great way to improve the horse's top line. Without the burden of the rider’s weight, the horse can easily find a rhythmic, relaxed and balanced way…