Horses sensitive and too accommodating

Caspian horse
The Caspian breed is very ancient, possibly the oldest breed in Asia. The Caspian (or Mazenderan) horse, probably the oldest in Asia, is found on the frescoes of the Persians…

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Horse problems: swimming
Bathing - a useful and enjoyable procedure - can give you a lot of unpleasant moments if the horse decided to resist for some reason. Can you bathe a horse…

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Seven Horse Care Secrets
Seven Horse Care Secrets You must have noticed that the result of a horse cleaning procedure is that the cleaner your horse becomes, the more dirty you become. There is…

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Protein in a horse’s diet

Protein in a horse’s diet
After water, protein is the most common substance in the horse’s body, from the brain to the hooves. Protein is not only muscle mass. These are enzymes, antibodies, DNA / RNA, hemoglobin, cellular receptors, cytokines, most hormones, connective tissue. Needless to say, protein (aka protein) is a very important component of the diet.

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Join Up (Join Up) – Let the Horse Catch Him!

Did your horse ever run away from you when you tried to catch it in levada? Have you ever lured her to something tasty? Does your horse try to leave you when you are leading it, trying to reach the grass when you don’t want it, and sometimes it seems to you that it is not “with you” at all?

Make the horse catch you, and this will fundamentally change your relationship. Imagine that now your horse is right for you, and not you are trying to catch it. Is it great? Undoubtedly! Continue reading

How to deal with a hot horse?

How to deal with a hot horse?
A hot horse looks like an onion. She has so many layers that need to be explored before we can get to the bottom of the problem. And, if you do not exercise caution, this “onion” can cause us to shed tears.

It takes time and skill to uncover the talent that is hiding inside this crazy clot of energy.

Hot horses are very different in size, exterior, and they release their energy in various ways. One horse can “start” from under you at the slightest pressure of the shankel, the other builds up tension, ready to explode just about. Whatever the hot horse, it can be a real threat to both itself and others. Continue reading

Moving to trust through horse games

Do you want your horse to become reliable and safe? So that she would agree to walk along bridges and narrow paths with you, cross streams and ditches, enter a horse carrier without unnecessary “questions” and feel calm even in the atmosphere of competition? To do this, you need to gain trust from the horse.

Building trust can be an interesting and easy task – there are many things you can do to gain the trust of your horse, and your exercises will bring pleasure to both you and her. Continue reading

Horse hearing

You ride a horse, it suddenly gets scared, then freezes in place, raising its head high and turning its ears back and forth, like antennas. Your heart is pounding, you are tensing to hear what it is listening to, but the moments pass in complete silence and you understand that your horse hears what you do not hear.

Understanding how your horse’s hearing is different from yours and how its reaction to sounds is different from yours can provide valuable information about its behavior. This can help you anticipate and possibly avoid the dangerous horse-eater or reduce the horse’s anxiety in such “noisy” situations, such as competitions. Continue reading

When to castrate
The testicles of a normal stallion descend from the abdomen into the scrotum during birth. Castration can be performed immediately after birth, but usually with this time for several reasons.…


Work on reins: theory and practice
Reins work is an excellent training technique to support saddle work, useful for both the horse and her trainer. I have repeatedly noticed that horses love this type of work,…


Castration of horses
Castration of stallions is a simple surgical procedure with little risk. Sperm are produced in the testes, mature and stored in the epididymis, from where they are excreted through the…


Three things a horse would like to tell you about
Three things a horse would like to tell you about If you love horses and want to work and communicate with them, it is important to learn to understand them…