Horses sensitive and too accommodating

Horse skeleton structure
The horse is one of the first wild animals tamed by man. For many millennia, it helps to survive on earth. And any person must know the internal structure and…

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Horse Riding Rules
Due to the fact that the arena is a rectangle, they ride in it as if in a vicious circle. This leads to the fact that when moving in the…

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Save the horse from overwork!
Save the horse from overwork! You worked hard to get your horse in good shape by the start of the season and take part in several tournaments. At first, everything…

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Work on reins: theory and practice

Reins work is an excellent training technique to support saddle work, useful for both the horse and her trainer. I have repeatedly noticed that horses love this type of work, because, on the one hand, it is easier for them (do not need to carry the weight of a rider), and, on the other hand, such work creates a closer connection between man and animal, since they literally work “Side by side”, and a person has to spend no less energy than horses. Continue reading

Education issues: how to instill good manners in equine … croup?

Horses with bad manners pose a threat to all those who are close to them, and even to themselves. But how to fix the situation?

The advantage of a powerful rear for a horse is that one lightning strike with a hoof can end an argument with a mountain lion. Instantly. Unfortunately for us people, the result of such a blow, whether intentionally or not, can be disastrous.

An untrained horse interprets the actions of people (including forges) as a potential threat. Continue reading

Analyze: added lynx

Lynx is a push-pull gait with a hanging phase. This is the most energy-efficient way of moving a horse to cover long distances.

The legs of the diagonal pair should land simultaneously.

The front and hind legs form two equal triangles. The third triangle (in the middle, with the base on the bottom line of the horse) is formed by two legs, front and rear, located on the same side. Continue reading

We analyze: work on the cord (lynx) and the improvement of the top line of the horse

Cord work is a great way to improve the horse’s top line. Without the burden of the rider’s weight, the horse can easily find a rhythmic, relaxed and balanced way of moving. The circle naturally encourages a deeper step toward the horse’s center of gravity with the inner hind leg, causing a cyclic action of the muscle ring. But the effectiveness of the cord work, of course, depends on the skills of the cord, who works with the horse. Allowing a horse to rush with a reverse order, littered with a nape, a fallen shoulder or backside is a futile and often also harmful exercise for the horse. Continue reading

Horse problems: swimming

Bathing – a useful and enjoyable procedure – can give you a lot of unpleasant moments if the horse decided to resist for some reason.

Can you bathe a horse on the grass on a loose jacket? Do you need interchanges or even an enclosed space? Does the horse scare the hose?

You can introduce a horse to swimming on a large lawn by holding it on a chombra. This is done by desensitization (the principle is the same as when accustomed to a whip or rope). Continue reading

Dressage horses
The art of riding a horse in and out appeared immediately after a person realized that a horse can not only be harnessed, but also ride a horse. Different peoples…


Sometimes after lying surgery
To minimize hair loss, skin damage and reduce the chances of erasing the base of the tail, you need to clean your hind legs and the area under the horse’s…


Castration of horses
Castration of stallions is a simple surgical procedure with little risk. Sperm are produced in the testes, mature and stored in the epididymis, from where they are excreted through the…


Protein in a horse's diet
Protein in a horse's diet After water, protein is the most common substance in the horse's body, from the brain to the hooves. Protein is not only muscle mass. These…